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The Sweet Life

Surprised By Joy

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3 May
I am trying to reach my life-long goal of never growing up. I am in the mental health care field, and love my job.

I live with two dogs, a parrot, and my husband RSH in a recently empty nest. We still spennd most of our money on college tuition. And I miss my babies (oh, can't call them that, can we?).

I spend my free time writing,gardening; looking at art, design, and antiques; trying micro-beers and great food. Trying to get more active while also dealing with RA.

I try to love everybody, and feel that life is too short to be bitter, jealous or ungrateful. Though, I do have my moments.

I think with Auntie Mame that life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving.

I live in Hershey, where the air smells like chocolate.

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